Aloha Friday v11 - Easier

SOJA is one of my favorite bands to put on and relax to.  They're originally from Virginia but I swear you'd never know.  I feel like they grew up in Pahoa and I listened to them in some kids garage in high school.

One thing I love about them is they team up with local artists - this song features Anuhea and J. Boog.

When I watched this video I thought:  This Is What Hawaii Looks Like.  Which is true.  It features all of our diversity.  The city and the country.  The laid back life style.  It's fun.

It hasn't stopped raining since I landed in Hilo.  Everything in my house is damp.  The humidity is off the charts.  My leather purses have mold on them.  Watching this video reminded me that the sun will come back out....and in the meantime to thank god everything is so green.

Hope this video brings a little Hawaii to your rainy days!

Happy Aloha Friday!

Resurrection Bay

When I last left you we were getting ready to cross the Gulf of Alaska.

We had careful timed our exit from the Inside Pass by hanging out in a couple small Alaskan towns waiting for the perfect weather.

We got lucky and made it straight across without having to duck into Prince William Sound to hide out from nasty weather.

When we got to the other side we had to head north into Resurrection Bay.  Seward sits at the head of the Bay.  Ironically, the Bay got his name when someone had to hide out from bad weather back in the day - when the storm had passed it was Easter Sunday.

We round the corner into Resurrection Bay and it was blowing 50-60 knots with steep chop.  We were bucking into it and trying to make our best time so we could dock in Seward during daylight hours.

I have honestly never taken so much spray on the wheelhouse windows in my whole career.  

I'm sure for the tugboat world this was a drop in the bucket but I was like, 'holy smokes'.  

Alaska is notorious for having fierce wind channel down through Bays and Passes.  Sometimes you'll hear the weather forecast and it will say something nuts like - 15 to 20 knots; 80 knots in Bays and Passes.  

I took a video so you could see!

Honestly, we were so lucky that we only had a few hours of the spray because by the time we were tied up we had a fair amount of ice accretion.  Accumulating ice due to freezing spray is one of the most dangerous things that can happen to a vessel at sea.  It makes a vessel very top heavy and destroys it's stability.  You can see in the video how iced up the railing is from about two hours of spray.  

Once in Seward we working on de-crewing the boat and then it was time to head home.

An eight day trip turned into thirty.  You seriously don't want to know what I found in my fridge when I got home *wink*!

Currently :: The Getting Underway Edition

We've been sitting idle for a week while we waited out some nasty weather in the Gulf of Alaska.

Hoonah, Alaska

Hoonah, Alaska


It's hard to describe how sitting and taking it easy on a boat is much harder than being underway.  

Here's what I've been up to currently... 

 I've been coloring. I'm so glad I brought my 'adult coloring book' with me. I know it's a fad. I know it screams look at me I'm a yuppy hipster but, I've been grateful for it. I even walked to the hardware store and bought a 64 pack crayola crayon box (because how can you turn down the built in sharpener?!). Apparently, the hardware store is where you go for everything in remote Alaskan villages. 

I've been binge watching Game of Thrones. I was on season 1.5 and now I'm on season 4. Need I say more?  Maybe I need to say that the Red Wedding did shock me, I was sad, I now understand why my FB feed was flooded with Red Wedding gasps about two years ago... 

I've been Instagramming.  I find it perks me up a bit. Makes me look for the good and beautiful in my day. It allows me to share that with friends. Sure, sure we all pretty up our lives for the insta-love but, I know for myself it's not always a bad thing. 

I've been sitting here thinking about what else I'm up to currently and am having a hard time. How's that for mopey boat syndrome?

The bottom line is I'll be headed into the Gulf of Alaska on the final leg of this '8 day trip' *ahem* 'one month trip' and I'll be without Internet. I figured I'd stop by and let you know I'd be away! 

Here's to Fair Winds and Following Seas! 

Magical Rainbow Porpoises

There are these moments on the water where you look around and think, 'is anyone seeing what I'm seeing?!' and then you realize, 'nope...this is for me'.  These moments are pure magic.

On our way up the inside pass I had one of these moments.


It was drizzling and the sun was shining.  I was hunting for rainbows.  One cropped up and I immediately starting taking photos.  It stuck around a bit - so I started to try to get artsy.  Pictures of the wheelhouse combined with rainbow-y goodness outside.

Wheelhouse and Rainbow

We were in a fairly narrow waterway and the rainbow spanned the whole channel from Port to Starboard.

All of a sudden I noticed some splashes at the base of the rainbow on my Starboard side.  I start taking photos there.


Then I realize it’s a pod of porpoises!  

I’m going crazy.  I’m snapping as many pictures as I can.  I know you can imagine this.

They zoomed over to the front of the tug and rode the bow wake for a few minutes and then zoomed off.

Dall's Porpoises in Bow Wake

I was on cloud nine.  

A pod of porpoises - came out of a rainbow - and rode my bow wake.


They looked like baby Orca’s.  After doing a bit of research I learned they are called Dall’s Porpoise - and their behaviour was spot on.  

I took a video right before they dug out.


Please, flip through the gallery to enjoy some Magical Rainbow-y Porpoise Goodness.

One side note:  the photos and video were taken with my iPhone.  Please excuse some of the slightly pixelated images!

Hot Mess-Ness


I lean towards organized chaos.  That tends to be my modus operandi.  There’s usually a loose plan, I figure out what absolutely needs to happen, and then the rest falls into place (or doesn’t) and I move forward.

Of late, organized chaos has felt more like ‘hot mess’.

It’s been a big mishmash of things.  The heart wrenching loss of the El Faro, my missing purse with requisite shut down credit cards, new IDs and cellphone, a root canal and a lot of work on the homefront.  I’ve been wallowing in my less than organized hot mess-ness.

I like to allow myself to ‘let myself relax’.  I feel like it’s my reward for being on point at work.  Except that at times it feels pathetic.

This week I got an impromptu request to do a boat delivery from Seattle to Alaska.  It felt like horrible timing.  My house is torn apart.  Alaska is cold.  I’m in ‘let myself relax’ mode.  I agreed to go because:  Hello Big Picture!  

I decided that it was such a short trip that I didn’t need to ‘think to hard about packing’.  I read my book, did some laundry, played with the dog, listened to music and, took a bath.

Then I woke up at 0330 and flew around the house like a hot mess.  

I went to sea - for admittedly a short trip - but seriously whats a short trip - you know how these things turn out -7 days turns into 14 - with dishes in my sink and garbage in the trashcan.  

I have to admit that I feel disappointed in myself.  Disappointed that I let myself relax straight into being a hot mess.

Here’s to a safe trip to sea, an attitude adjustment and a clean up when I return.

Here’s also to the best mom ever - don’t worry friends I won’t return to maggots.  Love You Mamikins!  

ps the photo is of my favorite dog LuLu.  I love you all too much to post a picture of my messy kitchen.  You’re Welcome.  Smooches.