Flowers of the Desert :: Chuparosa

Next up on our desert flower adventure - Chuparosa!


This red lovely could be found all along the roadside in the scruffy brush.

To be honest I don't know too much about it other than it's red and I was able to take a few pictures of it.  Of all the flowers I didn't really bond with this one.  Is that strange?  That I'm concerned about my lack of flower bonding?


Because it was so bountiful I was able to take a photos on a few separate occasions.

chuparosa & rocks

I'll admit that snapping some of these photos meant I looked like a total crazy lady on the side of the road.  You know the one who's perched precariously on a rock outcropping while huge semi's drive by gawking?  Yep, that one.


In a mostly brown sort of golden desert this red blossom was a welcome sight!

Morning Love Comparison

I'm about to sound like Little Miss Sassypants. It can't be helped. 

Want to know why it's hard to choose somewhere to live when you're from Hawaii?  This. This right here.


The top photo is Hilo, Hawaii this morning. The bottom photo is my feet in fuzzy socks because Seattle is chilly. It's July 21st and Seattle feels chilly. 

Where would you rather be this morning?! 

Just Sayin...... 



Soulful Sunday :: New Orleans Street Musicians

Hands down my favorite experience in New Orleans was wandering around the French Quarter just after dusk listening to the street musicians.  Man they had style.  It was a quiet moment among the hustle and bustle of Bourbon Street.

I figured I better share.  I took this video right near our hotel on our way back from dinner.  

The gents didn't have a sign up with their names so if someone would like some credit please let me know!  I'd LOVE to give it to you!

Link Love :: I forget what week number this is...

week whatever

I used to number these things by the week number.  I've been on vacation for a few weeks.  No clue.  Week What.Ever is totally allowed in the summertime!  Let's just carry on, shall we?

I've been trying to drink my coffee black (umm...hard.) I've found one of the biggest helps is to drink good coffee.  Elise (my favorite) has recently posted some good coffee 'how-tos'.  Cold Brew & How to Chemex.  Coffee Goodness.

Although Beyoncé is my Spirit Animal and I like to pretend that I have as many as hours in a day as her....Do I really?  Let's be clear....she's still my Spirit Animal....

Have you heard of Finnish Baby Boxes?  I think it's brilliant.  Brilliant.

I'm loving these chalkboard designs - also known as the most beautiful vandalism ever.

I have a secret longing to be a foodie.  Which naturally means I have a secret obsession with The French Laundry therefore; I loved these 15 Lessons from 20 years of the French Laundry.

I've got my own book list / to be read pile going but, I love reading other peoples.  Here you go.  

I know the World Cup is over but, seeing this Deaf / Blind Brazilian 'watching' the game is truly heartwarming.  

I just went to a Pilates class where the 70 year old ladies were schooling me which is why I love this post about why It's Okay To Be a Beginner.  

Strangely, I saw this parody video before I heard the original song.  This one goes out to all my mama friends!

This Salad WILL be made.

I really, really believe that money + fear are so closely related.  Great read.

I'm listening to Ryn Weaver.  I've just heard this song for the first will get its own post maybe *wink*

I officially want to go to Croatia.  

This made me laugh....he's a sea witch in disguise....

Okay, this made me laugh too.

Nautie Friends, please have a fabulous weekend!

Passion Projects & Life Coaches

joshua trees

I might be a yuppy but, today I'm going to visit a Life Coach.  I KNOW.  A.Life.Coach.

Here's the thing.  I don't want to be one of those people who wake up at 85 (too ambitious?  alright fine.  75.) and realize they don't really know what they're passionate about.

I love being at sea.  I love learning about new cargoes.  I love visiting new ports.  I love a lot about shipping.  

Of course there's a BUT.  Those things feel incredibly unsustainable.  Especially when you consider that you invest in your passion.  I've invested a lot in my career and It'll never be just mine.  Just mine to nourish or change.  There is always the possibility that I could start my own shipping company and then yes those things would be just mine.  

This is the reason I'm ready to start nourishing my own passion projects.  I'm ready to invest in something that feels sustainable and more importantly something that feels like it belongs to me.

So off to the life coach I go.

How do you nurture your passion?