Feeling Alright


I took the dog to the beach this morning. She ran and ran and ran and played and played and played. It was a good beach morning.  

As we were leaving I ran into an older gentleman - about 80 maybe. He was just arriving at the beach with his little doggie.  

I smiled and said, ‘Good Morning’. He replied by saying ‘Can I share my thought of the day with you?’.  I’m not 100% sure what it is about me but I must have a friendly face because I routinely have odd encounters with strangers. I felt kind of nervous that I was gonna get stuck talking to a crazy but, I said ‘sure.’.  

He proceeded to sing me a little song. Two rounds of ‘when I wake up in the morning and I’m feeling alright...’  then he said, ‘you have to decided what feeling alright means to you!’  The ‘you’ was punctuated by a finger pointing at me emphatically.  Then he wandered off.  

I stood there for a second thinking.  But seriously if that isn’t the gosh darn truth I don’t know what is.  I really DO need to decide what feeling alright means to me...maybe you do too?

(to be honest, I tried really hard to remember the lyrics the whole way home....it might be ‘feeling fine’....I have the memory of a goldfish so who knows....)

Enjoying the Mundane. 2/30

this photo has nothing to do with the post.  i just like it.

this photo has nothing to do with the post.  i just like it.

I don't want to say I fail at this challenge.  Too soon.  Although, forgetting to write on day two of the challenge does not exactly bode well.

I'm sure I could create some dramatic metaphor for life.  It's probably just easier for all of us if we move on.

The truth is that I spent the day doing yard work with my Mom - then I went to Target and bought some party mix - then I took it to church for a kids movie night.  That was the day.

I hung out in the church kitchen and popped popcorn for refills.  I scolded the kids who came to hang out near the patio and told them in a hushed scary auntie voice to 'get back inside'.

I've got things going on today.  I'm going to church (again).  I'm doing some craft projects at the house.  I'm having dinner with friends.

I've got one week at home left before it's time for me to head back to the arctic.

I'm just enjoying the mundane.  

Raised Eyebrows & Writing It Out - 1/30

i took this photo sideways and ended up kinda liking it....

i took this photo sideways and ended up kinda liking it....

A friend recently asked me how I was doing.  I said I was doing okay.  That's what you say.  You say you're doing okay because you are doing okay.  Then she said, 'have you been writing?'.  I had to admit that I hadn't written in awhile.  She raised an eyebrow.  The raised eyebrow said it all.

I like to write things out.  It's always been one of my things.  I haven't been writing much out lately.  Obviously.

I'm going to try to instill a little discipline.  You know the whole 'make it public make it happen' theory.  I'm going to blog for thirty days in a row.  Or..try my darndest anyways...

Day one.  I'm calling this done.


Autumnal Equinox 2017

I don't totally know what compels me to do so but, I always feel like I need to check in with the blog when the sun marks the change of seasons.

Fall is here.  Hurrah.  It felt like the never ending spring and summer.  

I'm at home in Hilo.  The leaves aren't changing.  The air isn't crisp.  I haven't seen a pumpkin.  

I'm measuring the seasons in sailing schedules these days.  My shipping season is winding down.  I took a long break this season which means I'll have to work more this winter.  Pros and Cons.  Always.  For now I'm home.  Thats a Pro.  Always.

Here's what my September 21st looked like.


Screenshots from the interwebs.  A mostly put together house.  A cozy bed.  All filtered with 'September' from the A Color Story app.  If you can't figure out why I chose 'September' I can't help you.

I've been listening to this song on repeat this morning.


I'm okay with who I am today.


I've been in a bit of a funk. I decided I needed a bit of a creative project so, I started taking a picture every day highlighting some of the colors I see. It's similar to what I did previously with a daily photo of my morning, evening and afternoon. 

Once I got started, a gauntlet was thrown down.  Don't use the same color twice. This means I'm naming my colors. It's all Benjamin Moore - Behr Paint names around here!  Ha! 

I didn't really consider how monochromatic the Arctic can be when I started. Lots of green, grey, blues.....with lots of rust on the boats!  I'm on Day 8 and it's already proven to be more challenging than I expected!

Challenging but fun.  


Here's a little sample of what I've got so far! 

If you wanna follow along you can find them on Instagram / Twitter - @nautiemermate - they go to FB too - Megan the Nautie Mermate.  

I'll try to post some here as I go along too.  

Arctic Happenings

Up in the Arctic...there aren't too many happenings.  Here's a little peak at what amounts to happenings these days. 


Big into the matcha these days. It's like sipping green goodness. I'm calling it tugboat hygge.  I also just officially made sipping tea a 'happening' so, now you know what we're dealing with here.  


Who knew that mosquitos were such a thing in the Arctic. I grew up in the tropics and I have never....I mean never ever ever....seen swarms of mosquitos like these. Look at this spider web!  


Clouds. They're gorgeous. So is that long low ground swell that really packed a punch. 


We had a little 'incident'. A 'smell' was detected in the freezer. Turns out the air was unable to circulate around the boxes of meat and we had a bunch of chicken....and sadly some sirloin steaks....thaw and begin to rot.  I had to individually cut open each piece of vacuum sealed meat and throw it over the side. Totally gross.  The seagulls strangely didn't touch the sirloin but went to town on the chicken. I shared it in my Instagram stories. If you don't go there you should. I share tons on Instagram. #justsayin


There's been tons of dirt moving. Because that's what we do up here. There's been tons of sunshine. Because it's the Arctic, yo. 

Thats a wrap. Maybe there will be more of this to come. Also, fair warning. There might be some feelings getting shared. I've been saving them up. :)