Tactical Error

It was maybe a tactical error to write about how bummed I was and then drop off the face of the planet.  

To all my friends and family who were worried - it's all good! 

I just happen to be on a ship with very little free time....and lots of rules...so I'm not free to use my camera. I didn't plan ahead and schedule posts so there you have it. This little blog baby of mine is suffering. 

I should be free soon - and then I'll write more! 

Miss you lovelies!!!! 

Here's a twilighty photo with some birds off the port bow to show you that it's not all bad. Pink skies always bring some cheer.  

Happy Easter!

Do you know the origin of the word / celebration of Easter?  It was named for a Pagan Goddess Eastre or Eostre who was the mistress of spring and fertility.  Near the spring Equinox they would celebrate her with a festival called Eastre. Her earthly symbol was the rabbit because *ahem* fertility.  I mean, you and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals....

The Christians celebrate the resurrection of Christ - it's the oldest Christian holiday and arguably most important.  Some churches no longer refer to this day as Easter because you know...pagan origins...highly commercialized...chocolate bunnies that secretely say 'lets get it on'. 

For me out here at sea it simply means I have a secret stash of Cadbury Eggs in my nightstand.  


Wherever you are, whatever you believe, however you celebrate I hope you enjoy your day!  Spring is here - days and nights are just about equal in length - flowers are budding!  It's a time for new beginnings - let's take advantage of that!




Sometimes when I use the hashtag #westcoastbestcoast I actually feel a little guilty. Mostly I feel guilty because I love Maine and I'm technically not from the West Coast. That being said the majority of my family lives on the West Coast... More importantly I just spent about ten days in port on the West Coast and it didn't rain at all.  Therefore it earned my undying gratitude and the hashtag #westcoastbestcoast. That's fair, right?

It's a Miracle.

Wait, what?  I haven't written in a month?

Life's complicated, right? 

I mean...time flies...some things are hard...adults pay bills...and somewhere along the way we try to figure ish out. But really, we all just do the best we can and sometimes it's better than other times.....right?

Moving on.  

I transited the Panama Canal last week. It might have been the highlight of the last month. I got a driveby from my friends tug. It was so much fun. The canal is gorgeous. 

My new ship is quite strict. I'm not ready to talk about it.  

I realize I skipped some steps - like the part where I told all you lovelies I was at work - or where I've been - or what's next - but the fact that I'm here and writing feels like an 'effin miracle - and it also feels so so good.  

Missed you. I'm trying to be back.  


**to those of you who messaged me wanting to know what was up...thank you...it's been a hard long month and it felt good to be missed. xo



This photo doesn't have anything to do with I'm currently doing but, I loved it.  This was taken on my last inbound transit.  Seriously folks, nothing beats going under the Golden Gate.

This photo doesn't have anything to do with I'm currently doing but, I loved it.  This was taken on my last inbound transit.  Seriously folks, nothing beats going under the Golden Gate.

Consolidating and sorting my clothes.  I now have the beginnings of a functioning capsule wardrobe.  I have to admit I'm feeling pretty proud of myself.  As it turns out my favorite items of clothing are all grey, white and navy blue.  Weird.

Reading Yes Please by Amy Poehler.  I'd heartily recommend this one.  (Typing that here makes me really miss Nautie Books!) 

Working on my day planner.  I had this grand plan that I was going to make a planner that also functioned as a memory keeper.  I had no idea how much work this would entail but, the bottom line is that I'm on to something cool.

Listening to any podcast I can get my hands on.  Send those recommendations my way, Friends!  This week I really enjoyed This American Life's Burroughs 101.  (Note:  this podcast would not be safe for work)  If you're like me, then you really don't know anything about William Burroughs but constantly see his work referenced.  This episode was a crazy glimpse into his life and was incredibly well narrated by Iggy Pop.

Packing my sea bags.  I'm getting ready for my next departure.  I got some new polo shirts and I was a little surprised by how excited I was!

Watching Ellen. I was over the moon to see Vidal and Mrs. Lopez with the creator of HONY.  You can check out their indigogo fundraiser here (they've raised about 1.2 million since January 22nd - the world truly is an amazing place) read more about these amazing humans here.  

Feeling like a responsible mother.  I sent Big Bertha to the camera store to get a proper cleaning!  She's been such a trooper that I figure I should reward all her hard work and you know...actually take care of her.    


What are you all currently up to?



It's my last day of being in charge of these little bunnies.  I think I need to admit that I'm gonna miss them scratching at the backs of my legs while I mix up their din-din.