M.L.I.S.W :: Olivia Newton John

At sunrise the sailors on the bridge do sanitary. This means they sweep, mop, clean windows, tidy and re-stock the coffee mess and give the head a good cleaning. 

Lots of times they like to get started just before it gets light so they can knock off a little early.  

This morning it was just getting light. I was maneuvering for fishing boats and one of the sailors starts to clean the head (the John for any who are confused). I've got my headlamp on and am sipping coffee and am using binoculars to spot lights in the haze.  

One of the sailors comes out of the head with a scrubby and some 409 (the other sailor is on the bridge wing acting as lookout - I have a two man watch in these congested waters).  

Sailor, scrubby in hand:  you know who's fine? 

I turn around with a blank stare.  

Sailor:  Olivia Newton John

I maintain my blank stare.  

Sailor:  She's so fine. I'd do her. She's haaawt!  I love her.  

Me:  oh yeah... 

Sailor:  yep.  

Then he goes back in the head and keeps scrubbing.  



Okinawa. My favorite.

Last time I was in Okinawa I posted a photo of a truck bed full of bentos. This time I blew up FB and Instagram with photos of rice bowls, soba noodles and salt ice cream. 

The thing about containerships is they're in and out of port quickly.  

This means that I spent an hour and a half on a mad dash to stuff my belly and get back to the ship.  

What I thought would be a 'mission' was actually a very smooth undertaking.   Apparently, I'm built for this. 

A little yen goes a long way :) 



Long Time No Write!

Apologies Nautie Friends. I have excuses but, I'll save them.  I miss you all. I'm gonna try to be back. 

So far, here's what I know about containerships... 

They're really loud. Lots of booms, bangs, thuds during cargo ops. Takes awhile to get used to it so you can get some sleep. 

They move fast. We easily do 20 knots underway without even trying. My last ship was lucky to average 12. Think pacific crossing reduced from 30 days to 9 days.  

They are kinda stinky. We loaded a lot of raw cow hides. You can imagine the stench by the time we reached Asia. Gross. 

They are well oiled machines. We are in and out. Like...fast. The boxes come on the boxes go off. It's bizarrely fascinating.  

I'm doing my best to find my groove. Get up to speed. Make friends (sorta). Mind my p's and q's. Nap. Eat well. You get the idea. 

Thanks for your patience. I heart you.  




Chilly Buns + Greetings

Nautie Friends,

Please excuse my absence!  If I thought my last ships Internet was slow then that makes this ships Internet sloth-like. Plus, I've been getting settled in and you know how that goes...lots to think about! 

This is a test post just to see how long it will take a pic to load, etc.  

It's going to be a lot harder for me to post direct to FB so for those of you who use that, apologies. 



p.s my buns have been pretty chilly!  Look at those snowy mountain tops! 



good morning!

I must say, it felt a little strange to not post a Mettle Maker today. The day before I found a ship I looked at my Auntie Noni and said, 'I swear, I better find a ship soon because I'm really tired of posting Mettle Makers!'...and then here I am feeling all nostalgic. 

I'm snuggled up, reading blogs, scratching puppies and drinking coffee. It feels so nice to relax and know that I can just sit here and feel lucky. I have a few days before hitting the gangway and I'm soaking it up. 

I'm not totally sure what the situation will be onboard - as in:  is it conducive to blogging at sea. Gosh, I really hope so!  If not, we'll have to figure something out... 

Hope you found a few moments to relax this morning! 



Mettle Mission :: I Found a Ship!

I Found A Ship!

Honestly, the way I found a ship was a bit of a miracle.  I drove across the country on a whim thinking, 'California might have something for me'.  I spent one day sniffing around and then - Boom!  A ship!  I had honestly been expecting to be here for about a month and a half.  I was prepared to pick up some small jobs on the side and then wait for a chance at a deep sea job.

My mind felt blown but mostly, I just felt so blessed.  Here I am, not out of money yet, living with the best kind of family friends, eating yummy salads at candlelit picnic tables, walking dogs and talkin' story, getting so lucky and snagging amazing jobs.  Crazy blessed.

I'm officially in 'whirling dervish' mode.  Running errands, making last minute phone calls, meeting for bubbly with friends, repacking my sea bag and you know....drinking coffee and then instagramming it.

I'll be checking in here and there but, I expect things will be a little quieter than usual...

Since the Mettle Mission is officially over I decided to share a few of my favorites today.  You can browse through all the Mettle Mission Posts here.