M.L.I.S.W :: Punani & Cheese Graters

In the last port I'm taking a nap when the Korean Radar Technician wakes me up from my nap to say, 'you sign paypah!'  I grumble 'go get the captain' but put on my work clothes and shuffle up to the bridge to sign his paperwork. If there's one unofficial rule on a ship it's: learn when people take their naps...and then don't wake them up!  I was cranky. 

I sign his paperwork and run into the Chief Mate on the bridge who was also their to sign his paperwork - apparently I'm not the only one to receive a call.  

The Chief Mate was pretty bummed because he had just sat on his glasses. After a few minutes of trying to help him I basically say, 'you're required to have a spare...I'm going back to bed...' 

I've just snuggled back in my bed when there's a furious rapping at my door.  

I throw on some pants and whip open the door.  

CM: I opened the cupboard by my bed to look for my glasses...I gotta show you something... 

ME: *blank stare* 

CM: There's a stack of porn in the cupboard - it's been there since I got this job...about two years at least... 

ME: ..and... 

CM: That's not what I have to show you! 

(back story - the other CM who just got off the ship completed his first trip - he might not know about the porn legacy) 

ME:  ok....I follow him to his room and he opens the cupboard...

There, next to the stack of girlie mags is a perfectly placed cheese grater.  


ME:  ummm...well....I'd say he doesn't approve.... 


Muddy Water

Arriving in Pusan, Korea our bow thruster churned up the mud. 


As I looked down at the muddy water my first thought was 'damn, that's gorgeous' and my second thought was 'I think that looks like what my mind feels like'. 

During my time at sea there's one thing I've learned about myself. I don't make the best decisions at sea. 

I'm removed from the real world. My reality is altered and my perspective is skewed. Here's the rub. How do I not make decisions?!  I'm out here more than half the year!

Tickets must be booked.  Budgets must be created. People must be notified. Decisions must me made. 

Except I'm at sea which means, all these ideas just churn and churn and churn until they look like this aquamarine and golden mess. It's a good thing it's beautiful. Because really, I've got nothing to complain about. It's a lot easier to look down and say, 'damn my mess is gorgeous!'  


Mettle Maker :: Insecurity

It's Sunday here and Saturday where most of you are.  Maybe you need a little encouragement to go chase your dreams.  Maybe you need a little encouragement to chance failure.


Go book that ticket.  Go write that publisher an email.  Go ign up for that class.  Go print those business cards.  Go join that gym.  

Just Go.


I have a watch partner who has  thing for ACDC.  I find random ACDC etchings all over the ship. Mostly, I find them in condensation.  Sometimes I find them on scrap paper.  Sometimes I find them in dust.  I've started taking pictures of these little offerings and it's strangely become a lovely collection!

My first ACDC photo is still the best because the sunrise just lit it up.

My first ACDC photo is still the best because the sunrise just lit it up.

For those about to rock, we salute you.

This watch partner of mine can often times be found air guitaring on the bridge wing or muttering drum solos under his breath.

I offer you ACDC v1 - I've got some more versions to follow!