Feeling Alright


I took the dog to the beach this morning. She ran and ran and ran and played and played and played. It was a good beach morning.  

As we were leaving I ran into an older gentleman - about 80 maybe. He was just arriving at the beach with his little doggie.  

I smiled and said, ‘Good Morning’. He replied by saying ‘Can I share my thought of the day with you?’.  I’m not 100% sure what it is about me but I must have a friendly face because I routinely have odd encounters with strangers. I felt kind of nervous that I was gonna get stuck talking to a crazy but, I said ‘sure.’.  

He proceeded to sing me a little song. Two rounds of ‘when I wake up in the morning and I’m feeling alright...’  then he said, ‘you have to decided what feeling alright means to you!’  The ‘you’ was punctuated by a finger pointing at me emphatically.  Then he wandered off.  

I stood there for a second thinking.  But seriously if that isn’t the gosh darn truth I don’t know what is.  I really DO need to decide what feeling alright means to me...maybe you do too?

(to be honest, I tried really hard to remember the lyrics the whole way home....it might be ‘feeling fine’....I have the memory of a goldfish so who knows....)