19th Street, Houston

Houston is a tough nut to crack.  It's big - It's spread out - It's much different than your average city.  The trick with Houston is that you need to find things however; when you find things you really hit the lotto.

I live quite close to the Heights Neighborhood.  19th Street is one of the first of my Houston 'finds'.  I could come here, park my car, grab a coffee, and look at some cute shops all in one spot.  (That's not necessarily a norm in Houston.)

On Saturday I had a splitting headache because I was out of coffee so I tore out of the house in a desperate dash for some java.  19th Street was happening.  

On the first Saturday of every month they have a market style craft fair set up.  Local shops host sidewalk sales.  Pair this with a gorgeously sunny March day and Houston isn't so bad.


The Rodeo is here.  Which means girls (and guys) are sporting just about the cutest cowboy boots ever.  Shops have boots on display.  You get the idea.  It's Rodeo Heaven in these parts.


19th Street is home to antiques and junk.  My kind of place!  This guy has a whole sidewalk full of treasures...and then there is a little gap between the 'goods' and you walk into an empty lot full of stuff.  It's pretty amazing.


Obviously, the junk was a big deal for me; because I really like junk but, the food trucks and artisan booths were equally appealing.  I could talk for days and days and days about Houston Food Trucks!  


My favorite find of the day was Bonnie Blue Boots.  Bonnie Blue hand pants Cowboy Boots and they're fabulous.  I asked her if she had any with mermaids and she said, 'just message me!  I'd love to paint some mermaids JUST for you!'.  Which means you should check her out!  She does other cool things too - painted reclaimed metals, caricatures, rock pets - you name it.


So the next time you're in Houston check out 19th Street especially if it's the First Saturday of the month!