2012 :: I Choose

I believe in resolutions especially ones that welcome in a fresh new year. Last year I jumped on the blogging band wagon and chose One Word.  One word that summed up what we wished for the year to come.  A resolution in a neat little package.  I chose the word create - and then I morphed it into more than word:  Create Productively - Produce Creatively.

As 2012 rolled in and I reflected on my 2011 I felt a little disappointment - mostly because I felt like I had neglected my words.  Did I produce?  Did I create?  Was I creative?  Were things accomplished productively?  I think maybe.  I managed to pass my Chief Mates exam - which is pretty effing productive.  I blogged through the process.  I got a new job and my new ports inspired some creativity on the blog - I had fun on a few photo safaris. 

The problem is, 2011 turned into a bit of a mess towards the end.  There were (and are) a lot of loose ends.  I'm having to make decisions that bum me out.  The kind of decisions that aren't fun and certainly aren't easy.  I'll have to let things go before I'm ready.  It means I'll have to do damage control before things get any messier.  Which means that this year I need to put on my big girl panties and pull up my bootstraps!  Chin Up Buttercup!

I struggled to put my desires for 2012 onto paper.  Should I concentrate on being responsible?  Should I wish for whimsy and magic?  Could I pick creativity two years in a row?  How do I make things happen.  How do I welcome in 2013 feeling like 'TA DA!  I DID IT!'? 

Then the interwebz saved me.  I read so many blogs written by so many amazing ladies (it does seem like most of my most loved blogs are written by ladies).  There were so many examples of New Year Awesomeness!   I picked some of my favorites and did what they told me to do - and then I wrote down my thoughts in the exact format that they wrote down their thoughts. 

Gala Darling said that we should write mission statements and provided resources.  So I did.  I used the link provided to create a mission statement - and then I switched it up just like her.

I was now on the right track.  I had a mission statement.

But I was missing my One Word.  I did not want to ring in the new year without a Word!!!

In comes Elise.  I copied her word.  There, I said it.  I couldn't even think of my own word.  I felt a little bad at first and then I decided 'screw that!  This is the best word EVER!'.

There is no shame in my game (well maybe a little shame in my game) - I'm a total copycat (just ask Baisey I've bought the same car as her TWICE). 

With my new word came a modified statement.  It turned out to be a little fruitier than I imagined but I'm loving it.  I think I could use a little fruitiness in my life - maybe it will balance out the jet fuel staining my boots.

In 2012 I will CHOOSE.  I can't think of a more powerful word. 

I am planning on making choices that are good for me.  That propel me forward.  That make me happy.  That are responsible.  That are courageous.  That promote self reliance.  I will CHOOSE. 

I will choose passion, adventure, and love.  I will choose to take my camera with me and capture life's finest.  I will choose to look on the bright side - to hang on like a little tomato and shake it out (someday I'll explain this one).  I will choose to stay hungry and foolish.  I will choose sweat, tears and the sea - they have never failed me.  I will CHOOSE.

Without further ado please help me welcome in this years mission statement:

Passion.  Adventure.  Love. Kai: Sweat, tears or the sea. Have less.  Do more. Take your camera. Ho'ihi.  Kuha'o.  Koa. Shake it out little tomato! Stay hungry.  Stay foolish. CHOOSE.

I'm entering 2012 with slight trepidation.  Can I do it all?  Can I make the choices that need to be made, have fun and stay true to myself?  I can only hope! 

Here's to fresh starts!  Here's to the word CHOOSE!  Here's to 2012!

Nautie Friends, what are you looking forward to in 2012?