30x30 :: Make Yogurt

A couple weeks ago (i.e. before I went to Houston) I got together with my Bestie and made yogurt. You guys, it was so insanely easy. In fact, it was so insanely easy that I'm going to gloss over the details and give you the basics.

Here ya go: pick the kind of milk you like (we used organic whole milk because some of it was for baby cakes. You easily could use skim.). Get it hot - you need a thermometer. Scrape off the skim. Let it cool - again, use the thermometer. Add your starter (you can easily steal some from a friend or you can buy some plain yogurt at the store). You'll only need a few spoonfuls. Stir it all in and then pour into your individual containers. Now you need to keep it at the perfect temp. A gas stove with a pilot light will work - or you can use a yogurt maker. I kinda recommend the yogurt maker - if you're a yogurt eater like me it will pay for itself in no time - they're about 30 bucks.

Once your yogurt has thickened put it in the fridge and eat it up! (Also, I didn't eat it all before I went to Houston and it was fine when I got back...the mini jars last a long time! Bonus!)

I'm glad I added this to the list. It was easy, cheap and tasty! I know I'll make it again.