30x30 :: The Ballet

On Friday I saw The Birmingham Ballet perform Coppelia. It was MAGNIFICENT.

It was graceful, enchanting, stunning and funny.

Due to my shipping schedule (and a semi hectic life) I missed The Nutcracker. I was thinking that I'd have to just let that one go but then....kismet!

My friend wrote to tell me that she had a spare ticket for Coppelia and, 'wasn't the ballet on my list?!'

The shipping company I work for is a huge supporter of the arts and actually sponsored this performance.

This meant several things: a) I attended the cocktail hour before the ballet b) I attended the after party with the dancers in attendance

It was an absolute blast!

I attended as the date of an older gentlemen who I've worked with for years. He has worked with this company for over 40 years! He is native to Australia and went to sea for the first time as a cabin boy! Can you believe that? I just love chatting with him and letting him carelessly drop pearls o' maritime wisdom.

The Ballet? 100% success.