36 Hours by Word

It went something like this:

  1. Breakfast and coffee with friends at Becky's Diner on Commercial St.

  2. Rush home and write Power of Attorney.

  3. Go to UPS - mail package - be on the lookout Mom - and have POA notarized.

  4. Target.  Hair ties, nail scrubby, bath scrubby, pads, stickers for xmas cards.

  5. Whole Foods - love the seagulls in the parking lot.  Lotion, bottles and oil (I'll explain later).

  6. Lunch at Whole Foods.

  7. Hannafords.  Trying to buy 15 cans of Skoal Winter Green Long Cut for a shipmate.  No Luck.

  8. Joes Smoke Shop.  Five cans.

  9. 7-11.  10 cans.  Success.

  10. Home to pack - messy bed, exploding luggage, etc.

  11. CVS.  I forgot toothpaste and Ibuprofen at Target.

  12. Dinner - Pizza and Chunky Monkey from the Quality Shop (I was going to pick the new flavor Schweddy Balls but decided that was a little depressing...lots of Schweddy Balls on the ship).

  13. Xmas Card writing...sharpies, stamps, and stickers.

  14. Watching last few episodes of True Blood before sending in last Netflix and enjoying my new rubber stamp!

  15. Writing final to do lists that live on the bedside table.  Gotta remember to clean the fridge at 0400.

  16. Final luggage shot.  (Mom, you likey?)

  17. Lunch and photo editing session at TGI Fridays in Atlanta, GA.


Nautie Friends, sorry the photos aren't in chronological order!  I just couldn't muster up the energy!  Also, for the record this is my new spinner luggage and OMG, I don't know how I've lived without spinners!  We'll see how they perform on a wooden pier.  Another disclaimer, this is hands down the lightest I've ever packed in my shipping career....thank goodness my boots were left on the ship....there wasn't an inch of room to spare!