A Birthday BBQ

So. It turns out when you become an adult BBQs become WAY yummier. SERIOUSLY.

Last night I celebrated a birthday with some of my besties. I don't think I have ever had grilled items that were quite as delicious as the ones I sampled last night.

It turns out that getting older and becoming an adult DO have some advantages! Perfecting the art of grilling might be the best example I can think of to date.

Grilled asparagus, peppers, mushrooms, and marinated beef tips done to perfection. Then there were the salads. Fresh greens, fruit, watermelon basil....I brought the watermelon basil (and I'm thinking that I better share it with you all soon because it's my new go to). Yummy cheese and spreads for bread. AND CAKE. A double layer blueberry muffin cake. (Nate...Fat girls LOVE cake!!!!)