A Little Love Affair

I'm having a little love affair. With my purse. Several things you should know about me: a) LOVE me a new purse. b) like efficient 'travel' accessories. c) travel fairly often. d) Big Bertha (my beloved but beefy DSLR) requires consideration when purchasing travel accessories and / or purses.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Kelly Moore Bags. The Best. I bought one a few years ago (The Posey - the older Posey was a teensy bit different...). It ended up being a little too small for my everyday needs but nice for a more active day trip.

I'm currently rocking the 2 Sues and Oh-Emm-Gee. This bag is the bestest.

It's just big enough. There are lots of pockets. It's well padded. There are adjustable padded dividers to help protect my camera gear. My iPad fits perfectly. I could go on and on. Bottom line? It's practical and sassy.

I get TONS of compliments. TONS.

Sometimes, when I've been walking through airports all day long, and my dogs are barking, I think about how awesome my bag is and get a little burst of much needed energy!