A new tradition

I'm going to start a new tradition today! I've been reading a blog where every Friday she shares links she's found and enjoyed in cyberland - I'm going to copy her!  It's hard to stay current - lets help eachother out!

My absolute favorite discovery of late is 8tracks.  It kind of reminds me of Pandora or some sort of internet radio - except way more fun - and you get to interact!  People post their favorite playlists - and you can post yours too!  This morning I posted my very first playlist.  I called it the nautiemermate original.  I have a playlist on my ipod called 'mornings'.  When I'm at work I shuffle up to the bridge pour some coffee and wait patiently for my AB to cue my morning mix (if any of them are reading this right now I'm sure they are rolling their eyes and thinking 'she is still trying bossing us around - from half way around the world - unbelievable!) I think I drive them nuts because I listen to the same songs over and over and over again.  But seriously - I think I've programmed my brain to be non grouchy when I hear this mix!  You don't have to sign up to listen to the mixes (but you do need to sign up if you want to post).  Check it out!

*oh!  so the new tradition is that I'm going to share links on Fridays :)