A Quick Hilo Update...

Apparently, I turn into a lazy blogger when I'm tooling about and I'm not on my ship! So sorry! Here's what I've been up to in pretty much this order:

I'VE BEEN ENJOYING THE VIEW I realize this might sound a little sassy...but I think it might actually be true...the house in Hilo (as in my Mom's house) has the BEST view in town...for realsies...


I'VE BEEN BOXING UP MY "THINGS" I have had a storage unit full of stuff for the last year. I still own my home in Hilo and I. Rent it out fully furnished. There is a tiny studio apartment for me but its also rented out right now. The storage unit just doesn't make sense....and it's certainly ridiculous when you think how much it costs to keep things you're not even using. What's hilarious is looking at what I've kept...what's even more fun is to look at my labels. They've been cracking me up!


I'VE BEEN PICKING FOLIAGE AND MAKING CHRISTMAS WREATHS This is pretty self explanatory. I've been making wreaths. The only real difference is that in Hawaii a traditional wreath isn't made with Evergreens - we use native plants instead. If you ask me they're stunning. I'll show you my finished product soon!