A Tiny Valentine

I LOVE VALENTINES DAY. In Intermediate School I used to make my Mom send me balloons and flowers to the school office.  Then I'd get a note in class that I got a delivery.  I'd go pick them up and then I'd tell people that I didn't know who they were from.  Dork.

If I'm off the ship I always get a Valentines outfit.  Something cute, pink and, heart inspired.  I also have many, many pairs of heart shaped earrings.  Win.

Today I wore a pink jacket that is stained and has tattered sleeves but it's L.L.Bean so you know....I'll wear it foreva.  I also wore sparkly red dansko clogs with my work pants.  If that isn't a shipboard Valentines outfit I really don't know what is.

Valentines is also my Besties birthday.  Shout Out!!!  Hau'oli La Hanau...love ya like a sista...Hilo girls represent!  (Okay fine...that was a little over the top but stop it....you loved it....)

My Third Mate gave me a Dove heart shaped dark chocolate today.  It was awesome.  My wrapper said:  Watch the sun come up.  Unfortunately sunrise was cloudy.  So Sunset will have to do.