Aloha Friday v10 // Hilo Rain

You know how the thing you love the most can also be the thing you love least?  In Hilo that is often times the rain....

Hilo is lush, green & steamy.

Hilo is not a tourist destination.

Hilo is the windward side of the island.

Hilo is not full of umbrellas - if its raining wait a second and then run to your car.

Hilo gets a fair amount of power from hydroelectricity - we have the states largest hydro plant!

Hilo is Hilo because of the rain.

When you grow up in Hilo the rain is something you can really enjoy.  It doesn't slow down your day.  If you're at a concert and it rains - you just keep dancing.  You don't dress for the rain.  You don't have a raincoat.  It's just a part of life.

This song by Kapena is one of my ultimate favorites because it just perfectly captures the essence of Hilo Rain.