Aloha Friday v11 - Easier

SOJA is one of my favorite bands to put on and relax to.  They're originally from Virginia but I swear you'd never know.  I feel like they grew up in Pahoa and I listened to them in some kids garage in high school.

One thing I love about them is they team up with local artists - this song features Anuhea and J. Boog.

When I watched this video I thought:  This Is What Hawaii Looks Like.  Which is true.  It features all of our diversity.  The city and the country.  The laid back life style.  It's fun.

It hasn't stopped raining since I landed in Hilo.  Everything in my house is damp.  The humidity is off the charts.  My leather purses have mold on them.  Watching this video reminded me that the sun will come back out....and in the meantime to thank god everything is so green.

Hope this video brings a little Hawaii to your rainy days!

Happy Aloha Friday!