Aloha Friday v13 :: The legend of Akaka Falls

Darlene Ahuna is one of my all time favorite singers.  She sang at Hilo High while I was there - she performs in town and is just so much fun to watch - because she's just so damn good.  She's got this classic Hawaiian Style falsetto that just kills it live.  One of her most requested songs (maybe I'm making this up) is Akaka Falls.  I love the song because a) I grew up in Honomu and b) I played at Akaka Falls a lot.  

The legend of Akaka Falls tells the story of a young warrior chief named Akaka.  He was married to a lovely lady but had two sweethearts on the side named Lehua and Maile.  While his wife was away visiting her parents in Hilo Akaka would stray.  One sweetheart lived on the north side of the gulch and the other sweetheart lived on the south side of the gulch.  While he was perched up high in the gulch looking longingly at his two sweethearts huts his wife returned home unexpectedly and he fled back to his own hut.  He was very remorseful, and full of shame, so he ran away from home with his faithful little dog.  He stood at the top of the bluff and gave one last look to his sweethearts huts and then flew himself off the top of the bluff towards the ocean.  His little dog hesitated and became a jagged rock at the top of the bluff.  His wife was quick on his heels and followed him to tell him that it was alright and she forgave him but was too late.  She sobbed uncontrollably for him while calling his name and turned to stone at the top of the bluff while her tears created a waterfall.  Further down the gulch his sweethearts heard of his demise and they cried and cried for him two creating two more waterfalls. 

I love that in this video Darlene gives a shoutout to the village of Honomu.

clearly, someones home video but great nonetheless.