Because we have a military contract we are required to get anthrax vaccinations.  It is a series of five with an annual booster.  I'm not a big fan of the anthrax shot.  First of all - IT REALLY HURTS!  Second of all - WHAT THE HELL IS THIS STUFF DOING TO MY BODY?! 

I'm the vessels medical officer - which is a whole separate entry for a whole separate day.  One of my responsibilities is to maintain the vaccination records.  The Navy base in Bahrain supplies the vaccination and will dispatch medical personnel to administer the shots.  A few days ago when they attended the vessel I asked if I could give the shots (I've never given a shot before) - they said yes and I got to give shots!  I'm kind of a medical nerd and so it was one of the most exciting things that has happened to me in awhile.  Even better - my first shot ever was to the Captain (paybacks a bitch ain't it)!  The shots actually went in smooth as was much easier then I thought it would be!