Archived Sunrise

I've been sitting on these photos of a killer sunrise for days now.  I knew that if they didn't go up today they probably wouldn't get posted ever....and I certainly didn't want you all to miss out! To get from the Black Sea into the Mediterranean you pass through two Straits.  The first strait is the Bosphorus.  This will take you past Istanbul and into the Sea of Marmara.  The second is the Dardanelle.  This will spit you out into the Mediterranean.  It's tricky trying to 'get in line' for a strait transit.  There is lots of 'hurry up and wait'.  We had to kill time before entering both Straits (on the way there and on the way back). 

On our return to the Mediterranean we waited off the entrance to the Bosphorus for a little over a day - and we were gifted with an amazing sunrise.  Lucky us!

Here it is....the sun rising over Turkey.