Aren't we supposed to go straight through the strait?

Ah yes...nothing like a little steering casualty to get your blood flowing in the morning! I've been anticipating out transit through the Strait of Gibraltar for some days now.  In fact, this morning I had my alarm clock carefully timed so that I could get up and take photos of 'The Rock'.  Instead, I woke up to 'Chief Engineer phone the bridge!  Phone the bridge!' coming out of the PA system.  As I lay there I thought....'this really can't be good at all'.  I contemplated rolling over but instead I threw on some clothes and headed to the bridge.

Sure enough....The Rock of Gibraltar is dead ahead....wait?!  dead ahead?!  It didn't take long for us to switch steering pumps and get things back in order...and to get us back on our intended trackline.

The good news is that I got my photos!  They aren't as close as I was hoping to get but....I'm going back to bed now :)  Yes, that's right it's VERY sunny of the inherent rules of the Mid take your sleep whenever you can get it.

*Aunt Kay - that homonym was for you and only ewe*