Azores :: Blue and White

I've always had a 'thing' for blue and white.  I think it's because so many of my childhood memories include blue and white.  I grew up with a blue and white kitchen - specifically blue willow dishes and cobalt blue glasses (that my Mom and I purchased in Mexico and packed home...stuffed in baskets...and then into our luggage).  When my Grandma passed away we got some of her things - specifically we got a blue willow plate that had dark brown cracks all through the glaze.  My Great-Grandma's house had burned down when she was a young girl.  When they were kicking through the rubble that blue willow plate was the only thing they found.  I had a total fascination with that plate.  My Grandma kept it under her bed all wrapped up.  When I would visit her in the summer I would beg her to get the plate out.  I would just look at it....I think it brought Little House on the Prairie alive for me. That was a pretty major tangent....anyways, I love blue and white!  This church in the Azores really struck my fancy...and I'm guessing it's because of its colors.  I walked around the church taking photo after photo.  I must have 50 photos of this church alone.  I saved this series for last because they were my favorites (minus the one I labeled my favorite of course).  A last goodbye to the Azores...until we meet again!