Azores :: Houses

My Mom and I love to drive around and 'cruise' neighborhoods.  Whenever we're somewhere new we'll drive through neighborhoods - we especially love checking out older homes.  We even do this in our own town - we'll cruise neighborhoods that we've cruised ten million times just to check and see if there is anything new going on...or just to dream away. When we road tripped through New England (right before I went to college) we were in house cruising heaven!  When my Mom was dropping me off at school we went to the bookstore to buy uniforms...we were chatting away with the ladies there going on and on and on about how cool we thought the houses were.  One of my ultimate Besties was there - Baisey.  We didn't really say hi to eachother but later she told me, 'My Mom and I were in the bookstore and heard you guys say you liked to look at houses...I thought you were sooo weird.'  Ha!  Look at us now!  (Baisey....Arms Up!)

So of course, walking through the streets in Praia da Vitoria all I wanted to take pictures of were the houses!  Some were ramshackle - for some reason the ramshackle ones are my favorites.  Maybe because I grew up in a ramshackle plantation house in Honomu and that house holds my fondest memories!