“The keeping of bees is like the direction of sunbeams.”- Henry David Thoreau

My ship got bees. It was actually incredibly interesting.

Apparently, when a second queen is born the hive splits and some of the bees leave with her. They take lots of wax and honey with them and need to start building a new home immediately or they'll die.

We had a hive split relocate to our ship. On a liferaft nonetheless.

We had to request for a beekeeper attend the vessel to remove said hive.

Beekeeper shows up, vacuums up the large mass of bees, kindly puts them in a cage so I can see them and, departs the vessel.

Can you believe that no one was stung?!

I've always loved bees. Mostly because I love honey but also because bees are cool.

Did you know that most bees are she bees? When they're queen is certainly going to produce offspring the she bees chew off the he bees wings and kick 'em outta the hive.

Did you know that all bees have a job? There are actually mortician bees. They're only job is to pull dead things out of the hive. Like fallen brethren or even invasive critters like geckos.

When you look at it like that they're strangely communist.

Our bee adventure might have been the highlight of my weekend! What was the highlight of yours?