Just a few things.

Just a few things....because I really wanna show you some pictures! I'll admit the photos were quickies taken with my iPhone....but you know what's cool? Being able to use your phone on deck. (Thats a big no no on a tanker...you know the whole ka-boom factor.) So here are the few things:

This ship has BIG cranes. They're truly impressive.

I have a cute little office. It consists of a desk and computer, a settee / seating area, nice tv and shelves. (and yes, it's already a little messy. I'm going to have to keep things MUCH tidier this trip.)

My sleeping nook is tiny BUT my mattress is awesome. (I didn't include a photo of this...kinda weird.)

The bridge is nice. It is more of a console type - I've never sailed on this type of bridge. I have a feeling not sitting in those big comfy chairs is going to be really hard.