Blue & White

My favorite color combination.  I've documented it several times here.  Like when I was in the Azores and found a beautiful blue and white church or, when I just posted a single photo of Mediterranean Blue.  Once, I even wrote about having the blues and then spotting some dolphins.

Sometimes (and maybe more times then I care to admit), I stand on the bridge wing and just take photo after photo of our bow wake crumbling into blue waters.  I literally have hundreds of archived photos of various bow wakes.  

There is something so soothing about an ever changing array of white against blue.

Crossing the Pacific (on September the 8th to be exact) - I did just that.  I stood on the bridge wing and let an endless array of blue and white soothe me as I snapped away.  They're not even all in focus and for some reason out of focus works for me.

It's criminal how many of my photos end up in a digital archive.

I hope these soothe you the way they soothe me.