My Uncle Bob.

Here's a shout out to my Uncle Bob.  I'm pretty sure today is his birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNCLE BOB! I think my Uncle Bob is pretty cool.  I think most people do.  He's my Mom's oldest brother.  My Mom calls him 'Big Brother Bob'...never just plain old Bob....she'll say, 'I need to phone my big brother Bob' an only child this always kind of cracked me up however; I never just call him Bob or even Uncle Bob.....I always say, 'My Uncle Bob'.

My Uncle Bob has a good wife.  He also has three boys - they're all older than me.  I pretty much spent every summer at their house when I was growing up.  My Mom sent me to Canada every summer - which was probably a really good thing - and I'd go and stay at their house.  I thought it was the greatest thing ever.  I'd go to Hockey games, and lacrosse games....I'd shuffle around with my Auntie....I'd visit other Cousins and Grandparents....sometimes I'd go visit Uncle Bob at work.

My Uncle Bob is building a Chubby in his garage.  I had no idea what a Chubby was....and I guess I still don't know how a Chubby is different than any other kind of car you'd build in your garage.

My Uncle Bob is a welder.  He's actually much more than a welder and I just have no way of articulating it all....there are boilers involved and sometimes ships or large plants.  When I was growing up he was the Dean of a Vocational College where he taught as well....and he also does a lot of private jobs. 

My Uncle Bob makes things and fixes things.  My Uncle Bob works hard...really hard. 

Most importantly, My Uncle Bob deserves a very large thanks from me.  When I was growing up I used to listen to my Grandpa, Mother, and Uncles sit around and debate the merits of education.  While my family are all staunch supporters of a formal education (thanks in large part to my Grandmother) my Uncle Bob maintained that you were wasting your time if you didn't have a skill.  A trade. 

My Uncle Bob was adament that the necessity of a trade did not just apply to men - it applied to women as well. 

Growing up in a family of hard workers I knew that I'd have to get my hands dirty to get ahead in life.  A standard had been set by all.

I have a trade - so do my cousins - thanks almost exclusively to My Uncle Bob.

Happy Birthday Uncle Bob!


p.s. Uncle Bob, I think you should take the day off work today and:

  • have some tea and disgestives on the couch with the wifey or 
  • take a drive - I know you drive a lot these days but, a good 'ole drive for a bite of food might do you wonders or
  • putz around on your Chubby or
  • visit some Grandbabies