Cake Pillars and Glue

Yesterday when I was at the Acropolis I was looking at the Parthenon and I kept thinking about 9th grade World History.  My friend and I had to do a project on Greece.  Of course we ended up waiting until the weekend before the thing was due to start – and then we had no idea what to do – so we went BIG.  We ended up building a replica of the Parthenon – out of cake building supplies.  It was one of those projects that got totally out of control….both of our parents were super duper annoyed that we had put it off for so long…and they were also super duper annoyed by how much it all cost.  Because of course by that point we didn’t have an option to use recycled materials.  We stayed up all night long building this thing….we had special knives to cut the styrofoam and create designs….and special glue to make the plastic columns stick to the thick poster board.  One of us was would be gluing and cutting the other one would be writing the paper (aka – gluing and cutting off the internet – hahaha!).  Reminiscing yesterday I had to crack up at the absurdity of the whole thing – if it was my kid I’d be like, ‘No I will NOT buy you cake pillars – where are your toilet paper rolls?!’.  I say that now….but I’d probably be just like my Mom and shell out the dough at Ben Franklins while trying to impress upon her child how truly ungrateful and spoiled rotten she was on the car ride home.  Mom, I know it’s a little late but….thanks for the cake building supplies (a.k.a helping me maintain a level of 9th grade cool that toilet paper rolls just couldn't have achieved)!