Deck Sports

Today's deck sports consisted of me talking the Third Mate into changing some bulbs for me.  This is poor form on my behalf.  However, he was pretty excited to climb the forward mast so it was a win win situation.  The trade was he changed the bulbs and I played paparazzi to give him some good facebook fodder! This particular light is our steering light.  It is used as a mark for the Helmsman so he can judge swing / rate of turn when making a course change or as a tool to pick out the mast against a brightly lit backdrop (city lights).  This is a blue light and not actually considered a navigation light.  The steering light is my nemesis.  The vibration of the forward mast makes the bulbs burn out like clockwork because the filaments shake loose.  It burns out almost every other week.  When I stand on the platform he is standing on I can't actually reach the bulb.  I have to stand on the ladder and rest on the guard.  I HATE it.   Thank goodness there are people out there willing to trade mast climbing for facebook photos!