Djibouti, Djibouti :: The Camels

I've been to Djibouti many times.  In fact, one of my favorite wildlife encounters occured in the aqua waters of Djibouti.  Gosh, I really love me some dolphins. I've only been to Djibouti on a tanker - and we were far from town.

This time, on a multi-purpose vessel we were right in the thick of things.  Our dock was literally IN TOWN.

It was also directly accross from a camel pen....and we were moored behind a camel ship.


We were in and out in 4 hours.  Very quick turnaround but, if you're guessing that I made time for a camel photo shoot you are oh so right.

I will admit even though seeing the camels was the highlight of my day it was a bit sad.  These camels were for eating.  You heard me.  For EATING.

They were about to be transported to The Emirates.

Apparently, they eat camel in The Emirates.  Who knew?

Minus the sadness here's what's awesome about these camels:  their knuckle like knees, the fact that they always look like they're smiling, their incredibly long and flirty eyelashes, the fact that they didn't spit at me and of course the hay stuck to their beards.

I won't waste any more of your time.  Let's flirt with some camels.

Smiling Camels

Oh, there are so many more it's not even funny:

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