Food For Thought

I've been glued to the tellie.  I've been watching the events unfold in Japan - along with the majority of the world.  I've been so amazed by the citizens of Japan.  They are so focused and orderly.  They understand that there is a lot of work ahead of them and are pulling up their boot straps.  There are long lines of people waiting for water - no pushing, no shoving.  I haven't heard one report of looting, pillaging or violence.  I've always felt that the best and worst will always show when we are in times of turmoil.  The Japanese are impressive! That being said, as I watch broadcast after broadcast the cynic in me grits my teeth.  I have this feeling that our complete focus on Japan is being exploited.  If you want to commit an atrocity and have it go unnoticed now is the time.  I don't trust the media!  I don't trust a single one of them!  I get so angered by the fear that they try to instill in me.  Bad things happen - but life is good!  I have been trying to stay grounded and focused - I've been trying to wade through the massive amounts of information and determine what is important and what is propaganda.  I ran across this article during my blog perusing.  Beware the fear of nuclear....FEAR! While I don't necessarily agree with everything written in this post - I do agree that we need to fear the fear.

*sorry, I know this post is a little more 'political'....I try to stay away from them....but, as you watch the events unfurl just be mindful that you are allowed to be skeptical.