Funny Signage

I find that ships are one of the best places to see funny signs....

Here's a little collection of funny signage I've seen in the past few days.

Exhibit A) a poster for Asian Gypsy Moths. They're invasive and we inspect for them. Someone labeled the moth with 'this moth ate Godzilla'. Ha!

Exhibit B) a light switch labelled OFF. You got two choices - don't wanna mess this one up. Whew! Thank goodness that switch was labelled....close one....

Exhibit C) a diagram in the outdoor head for longshoreman. It's a little tricky to see. There's a man squatting on a toilet and a man sitting on a toilet. Apparently...squatting is not allowed!

The naughty squatting man was my favorite....until I found the Godzilla eating moth....I'm pretty sure that's the prize winner.