Generate A Poop Deck.

US Flag vessels don't typically have a 'poop deck' but, this vessel was built overseas so indeedy, we have a poop deck. This is glorious because then one of my shipmates can put a sticker above it's sign....

Generate A Poop.

I love this.

First of all, it's funny.

Second of all, it loosely translates to, 'give a shit'.

Honestly, I give a shit.  About almost everything.

I enjoy sailing with people who give a shit because, I give a shit and there is nothing more annoying than a shipmate who doesn't give a shit.

As I wrap up my rotation (the Pilot should be boarding shortly and I'll be docked this afternoon) I feel grateful for several things - being surrounded by people who give a shit is probably the top of my list.

Here's to giving a shit!