About twelve days ago I was somewhere south of Japan.  I was right off the coast and could see lights of fishing boats and some city lights in the distance.  I happened to look down closer at the water and saw that it was glowing blue with phosphorescence so, I grabbed my camera and raced to the stern to try to take some long term exposure photos of our wake. 

I could see the fishing lines in the water stirring up more glow, a lighthouse swooped around periodically and I frantically adjusted my camera settings scared I wasn’t going to be able to capture the moment.

I stood on the stern snapping away, oblivious that the moment would hold so much more meaning the next morning.

Back home in Hilo one of my dearest friends was quietly slipping away after suffering complications during surgery.

You know those people in your life you don’t have to keep in touch with?  Whose history is so intertwined with your own that distance and time changes nothing?  The people who keep you real by simply accepting the real you?  That was Caryn.

Pulling into Yokohama the next day I eagerly anticipated cell reception.  Sitting on the bow I got my first signal and received the news.  I hoped my sunglasses would hide my tears and got myself together in time to tie up the ship.  

Memories.  I’m lucky to have so many good ones.  Caryn doing my make up for junior prom – I requested mermaid eyes – and man did she deliver.  Sassy haircuts, hot pink streaks, platform heels and style.  Making sushi in the fellowship hall.  Gossiping in the bathroom.

It’s hard to say goodbye but, I’d say fluorescent blue waters off the coast of Japan is a pretty amazing send off.

I’m gonna miss you something fierce.