Happy Birthday To Me!

Today is my birthday!! Wanna know what I've done today?

Absolutely nothing! It's been glorious.

I partook in some delicious coffee, I went to the mall and bought a long sleeved shirt (ahem, Pacific NW.....it's May! Warm up soon.....pretty please?), had a tuna fish sandwich instead of a salad and have been lounging on the couch reading for the last several hours.

Historiauntie and Cousin are driving up from Oregon today for a visit. Squuueeee! I'm uber excited! (Cousin doesn't have a blog code name yet.....so for the sake of this post I'm calling her Cousin.....but what I do need to say is that she is absolutely one of my favorite people ever and her birthday is tomorrow we almost share a birthday!)

This is the view I'm currently enjoying:


Everyone loves a pooch snuggled up on a rug braided by your Grandma.....right?!

Hope you are all having a wonderful day!!!