Happy Easter!

Do you know the origin of the word / celebration of Easter?  It was named for a Pagan Goddess Eastre or Eostre who was the mistress of spring and fertility.  Near the spring Equinox they would celebrate her with a festival called Eastre. Her earthly symbol was the rabbit because *ahem* fertility.  I mean, you and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals....

The Christians celebrate the resurrection of Christ - it's the oldest Christian holiday and arguably most important.  Some churches no longer refer to this day as Easter because you know...pagan origins...highly commercialized...chocolate bunnies that secretely say 'lets get it on'. 

For me out here at sea it simply means I have a secret stash of Cadbury Eggs in my nightstand.  


Wherever you are, whatever you believe, however you celebrate I hope you enjoy your day!  Spring is here - days and nights are just about equal in length - flowers are budding!  It's a time for new beginnings - let's take advantage of that!