Hosiery Hatred

Do you want to know why I haven't had time to post? I'm too busy running to the pharmacy at 0530 to buy new panty hose. You heard me.

I've decided that tights and panty hose are my least favorite thing ever. Since I've been here I've ruined four pairs. These puppies aren't cheap!!!! A good pair of tights can easily go for eighteen bucks. Obscene, I tell you!

I don't think I've worn tights since I was visiting family in B.C. when I was FIVE!

I can almost guarantee that every woman reading this has had some sort of epic wardrobe failure where hosiery was to blame!

Ladies, don't you love it when you sit down and the top rolls down because of your belly. Or how about when you snag them and get a run before you leave the house - or better yet when you think the snag is tiny and you go to work anyways and soon you have a run the length of your leg? How about when the crotch doesn't actually reach your crotch and you have to coax all the extra material up your legs to make them long enough?!

Please tell me I'm not alone in hosiery hatred!