I got it!

I receive an insane amount of comments on the blog that are actually spam.  I disapprove about 20 to 25 comments a day.  I'd say that about 75 percent of the spam comments are a little 'dirty'.  I seem to be a magnet for penis enlargement pills, dating websites, and ladies looking for 'friends'.  Last night in all my grumpiness I was feeling pretty frustrated that I had to delete so many comments...because it was wasting my time! I think they zero in on the word nautie.  Some poor foreign bloke is sitting at his computer misspelling the word naughty and while looking for disgustingness on the internet.

And then I had an epiphanie!

They zero in on the word nautie....so I will too!

Hello Nautie Friends!  Want to join a Nautie Book Club?  Would you like to read about some Nautie Adventures?  I thought you might!

I mean, we can't all be mermaids.  Although, we can definitely all be Nautie!