I have a really good excuse.....

Here's the story. Last Friday....

I went in for a routine dentist appointment....it turns out that it was Friday the 13th.  I had my first cavity EVER - and it was in A WISDOM TOOTH!  Apparently, it was a little more than a cavity....it was decay...I hadn't been brushing the tooth at all.....just because of the position of the tooth.

Luckily, my dentist has some pull and she was able to get me in to the oral surgeon first thing Monday morning.

Exactly one week later....I'm wisdom toothless.

Folks, my mouth hurts.  A LOT.

I had never had a cavity in my life - not even in my baby teeth!  Spending 28 years breezing in and out of the dentist chair with a smile and a goodie bag really just doesn't adequately prepare one for the trauma of wisdom teeth removal.

Sadly, although I've wanted to curl up in a fetal position and sleep until it's all over I haven't been able to.  Why?  Because I'm moving!  Agh!

My family has been amazing.  I've been boxing, and cleaning, and finishing up last minute house projects.  Today I even managed to sell my car (that can be a different story for a different day because it was definitely a My Life Is So Weird Moment).

My Dad sent me a pretty bouquet of flowers....that was a major highlight this week.

I wanted to write a long post about all of my thoughts on teeth....I've had many strange thoughts in the last few days....that might be from the vicodin....but I'm already worn out.

It will be sooo nice to get a full night sleep without a throbbing mouth!!!  Wish me luck!