I made it!

I'm in Houston! The good news is that I found an apartment and have been doing all the little jobies that new apartments require.

The bad news is that I'm WAY behind on the blog! Whoopsies!

Confession: I can't stand it when the blog isn't in sequential order.

If I get a little behind I just stop because I can't stand when the posts don't follow the correct timeline. A little ridiculous, no?


I'm sorting through photos so I can deliver the road trip 'in order'.

I'm shopping at Ikea so I have forks.

I'm tagging things in Evernote so that we can talk books.

I'm hanging out with Canadiaunt.

I'm driving around Houston in circles!

Hope you're all doing well and, ill be back soon! Pinkie Promise!

In the meantime, I'm going to go back to enjoying my Southern Benedict...and yes...I'm totally the girl who blogs at the breakfast table...