I'm back - sorta

Well, the writing bug hasn't bitten me but, the true reason for my absence is that I'm back aboard. Confession: after almost eight years of sailing I still get squirrelly before going back to work. Lots of nervous energy and anxiety. I'm very difficult to be around because I'm majorly on edge and I get sharp.

My back to work M.O is to curl up and read and watch shows. I go into major hibernation mode. Then, 24-48 hours before returning to the ship I go crazy. I whirl around like a dervish to get all my ducks in a row - and often leave with missing ducks.

I didn't start packing for work until 0330 this morning and left the house by 0545 but, at 0515 I realized I hadn't written all my rent checks out in advance and had to dig through my unpacked boxes to look for stationary. Like I said, crazy. (Nate, is this making you break out in a cold sweat?! I actually woke myself up at 0251 nine minutes before my alarm would go off in a cold sweat.)

The good news? I made it. I'm here. It's on.