In a nutshell....

The past few days in a nutshell:


  • It seems like peoples favorite question to ask me about sailing is whether or not I get seasick.  Yes, why yes I do.....yarfing while having to hold onto the toilet so you don't slide away (because the ship is rolling) is no fun.

  • I saw two whales floating around.  They looked really happy and seemed to be enjoying the sun.


  • I didn't tell you guys this but someone charged three airline tickets to my debit card....for a whopping total of 2500 dollars!  It really, really sucked because it came straight out of my checking account....rather than if it had been done to my visa.  But yesterday, the bank put the money back for me!  Yay!  There is still some justice in the if only they could nab the little shits who did it.

  • I'm back on 6 and 6.  Which means 6 hours on and 6 hours off....I've explained that this sucks.  What really sucks is that I keep getting soooo close to seeing the sunrise!  I keep thinking SWEET!  Photo Op!!!!!  Then it's no dice...I crawl into my bed before seeing any gilded skies....


  • Yesterday, a bridge component stopped working...after trouble shooting and trouble shooting and trouble shooting I figured out that the gyrocompass was not receiving a signal from GPS #1.  I realized that GPS #1 was not receiving information from GPS #2.  In the process of getting the two units to communicate I somehow lost my waypoint database....all 1,000 programmed waypoints - GONE.  This is a very, very, very BAD Second Mate day.  I almost cried....but I didn't.


(So you see I'm not ignoring you guys....please don't stop reading my blog!  I'm just tired and cranky and trying to spare you all!!!!)