It's a Miracle.

Wait, what?  I haven't written in a month?

Life's complicated, right? 

I mean...time flies...some things are hard...adults pay bills...and somewhere along the way we try to figure ish out. But really, we all just do the best we can and sometimes it's better than other times.....right?

Moving on.  

I transited the Panama Canal last week. It might have been the highlight of the last month. I got a driveby from my friends tug. It was so much fun. The canal is gorgeous. 

My new ship is quite strict. I'm not ready to talk about it.  

I realize I skipped some steps - like the part where I told all you lovelies I was at work - or where I've been - or what's next - but the fact that I'm here and writing feels like an 'effin miracle - and it also feels so so good.  

Missed you. I'm trying to be back.  


**to those of you who messaged me wanting to know what was up...thank's been a hard long month and it felt good to be missed. xo