July will be...Amazing

crab claw  

JULY will be even more amazing if I:

  1. finish two craft projects before going to work
  2. walk after watch as much as I can
  3. put some lemon in my hair and let the sun do its magic
  4. organize one card game with the crew
  5. write (and mail) three thank you notes
  6. sit on deck after it gets dark and pick out a few constellations
  7. sip good coffee on watch
  8. get in the crane and move the pontoons like a pro
  9. take one selfie a day
  10. don’t leave anything in the freezer when I leave for work
  11. journal at least seven times
  12. speak in a calm voice when I’m too cranky for words
  13. keep my desk organized while in port
  14. cut a tee shirt into a tank
  15. enjoy the fourth with some sparklers
  16. complete one more 30x30 item
  17. perfect my ship binder organizational system
  18. share one food post before heading to work
  19. take care of some business
  20. have a cup of tea when I want a cup of coffee
  21. kick start my morning with some sun salutations
  22. do one thing to boost crew morale
  23. plant some lettuce
  24. eat ship dinners slowly
  25. wear sunscreen
  26. read two manuals
  27. wake up early and hit the gym before watch
  28. memorize a poem
  29. be more engaged in the morning meeting
  30. start organizing some of my photos
  31. remember to say thank you