Link Love :: Sea Hag Edition

Everyday I get off watch at either 0400 or 0600....I go down to my stateroom and put on my pajamas and then I go and sit in my day room for a little bit and cruise the internet.  It helps me unwind and the internet is super duper fast because I'm pretty much the only person awake who's not on watch.  I can't even begin to describe to you how big of a luxury it is to have a day room.....let alone internet in my day room!!!!  I'm going to be spoiled for all other ships (unless I'm the Captain - heh heh)! It seems like when I'm out here I'm drawn to super girlie this edition of link love isn't so much for the guys...but then again, is it ever really?



I'd love to be described as exquisite - wouldn't you?!  Here are some helpful hints!

Before I left Florida I was horribly addicted to the The Bachelorette.  I've linked to this chick before - she's ridiculously hilarious - and she's saved my life!!!  Check this series out:  The One Where I Watch The Bachelorette So You Don't Have To.

I would kill to be invited to a wine and cheese party....or even to be able to host one!  Check out these wine bottle labels from pinhole press!

Not into wine?  Or maybe you're preggers (huge shout out to my procreating bestie!)?  Serve water!  Check out these totally cute bottles of infused water!

I discovered a blog called **Happiness Is...** and it does make me a little happy inside when I read it!  What made me really happy was learning about this artist.  Remember how I told you about me cutting things out of magazines and then just saving them....or putting them up on my walls....well, awhile back I found some totally cool graphics in an 'O' Magazine - which I've been saving forever because they are too cool to use - and they look just like this!  Apparently it's called Quilling.  Love, love, love!

Sad news this week about Amy Winehouse.  I stumbled upon a tribute To Amy written by Russel Brand - it was simply beautiful....



That's it for's some pink-y goodness to send you on your way.....