Link Love :: Week Nine


What better time to flip through some link love then on a weekend?  Recently, I've been saving up links for myself to read on Saturdays - I've been trying to treat my weekdays like actual weekdays.  I hope you lovelies are making time for books, coffee and sunshine!

Now for some links!

I have been loving the beejeesus out of after the jump a podcast by Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge.  Lately she's been talking about work / life and I can't seem to get enough.

Grace Bonney (please see above) frequently mentions - I had never heard of it - I also hadn't noticed how often she mentions them until she pointed it out.  Good Reading! 

Advice from Artists on how to overcome a creative block via Brain Pickings.   

Whatsapp was just bought by Facebook and I'm a bit bummed.  Pugly Pixel shared this old post by Whatsapp about why they chose not to sell ads.  I liked it.  Lets see how this one plays out.

Mister Rogers passed away and Alexandra Franzen wrote a lovely tribute.

You know when you learn about a thing and then that thing is everywhere?  Like, when your friend is pregnant and you see pregnant ladies everywhere.  Or when you rent a car and then you notice that car everywhere.  Or when you learn about an obscure band and then you find their album.  Yes, well this is a thing and it's called The Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon.  Let's see if you're suddenly seeing that everywhere!

Spring Essentials - that nautical blazer had my name on it! (also this is a sister of a friend so you should obviously check her out.)  

This looks like a great book on learning how to get paid to write.  I think I might check it out myself!

A round up of documentaries.  Hello Netflix Marathon.

Lastly...some magic for your earbuds...

Favorite New Music:  Clovis' Sons - Josh Pyke  (well, new to me and maybe you music)

I'm trying out a new format for link love...along with some new photoshopped goodness...please bear with me as I fiddle with my new skills...I didn't realize this looked a little fuzzy until it was too late.  Mahalo!