Link Love :: Week Ten


I hope you're in your pajamas, with a cup of something hot, under a snuggly blanket, with toes snuggled in sheepskin booties.

As you read this I'm in Austin hanging with friends.  Life is good!  So are Links!

Elise writes about Pinhole Press.  As someone who has made a few photo books (for others) but hasn't splurged on one for myself, I'm closer to making it happen after reading this.

I've been talking about Photoshop all week.  Let me tell you what....some of that shiznit takes some serious time....yo.  A Beautiful Mess is now selling Photoshop Actions.  If I had a job I'd buy these.  

How to Not Communicate Like a D*ck

Sometimes I think, 'I'm gonna quit sailing, I'm going to be a freelancer with a thriving business'...especially when I see studios like this.

This is weird.  Sexually charged furniture from Russia.  Read:  NSFW!

Loved this read from Sarah at Yes and Yes - this is what personal growth feels like.

I'd really like to travel through the Philippines some day.  Adventurous Kate made my mouth water with this post about Boracay.

I will admit someone has mistaken me for being pregnant.  Even though it was one of those moments where you think you're gonna die you can't help but laugh.....and then never let yourself eat a piece of cheese again.  p.s. you should read her blog.  hilarious.  hilarious.

Even though I have a booty, I'm not the best booty shaker.  Problem Solved.

This HONY gave me all the feels.


...and now because I love's Beyoncé's Drunk In Love.....Emoji style...