Links For My Lovelies

I know Friday is Link Love day...I didn't forget...I just got lazy :) This cracked me up - mostly because I remember watching Dawson's Creek with my best friend. Wanna see Dawson all grown up?!

I found a site called Ruche. Think affordable Anthropologie.

While we're on the subject of Anthropologie - at fashion week (which was last week) they announced a new bridal line called BHLDN (pronounced beholden) - I'm not getting married anytime soon but, who doesn't like looking at wedding dresses?!

@Baisey - you'll love this one! Design Sponge it's kind of a fashion blog, diy, ready-made-esque kind of thing.

What's your signature? Smaggle got me thinking! Then a few days later Davinia got me thinking all over again! I'm compiling my signatures as we speak.

I saved the best for last. Every so often I check out NPRs Tiny Desk Concerts - thank goodness I checked in on Thursday because they featured my girl Adele. If I had to name a favorite singer it would for sure be her.

I love finding new blogs and shiny things to look at! Do any of you out there have sites you think I'd like?!