love love love

Here's what I loved this week:

My friends have been amazing this week - Sal, I couldn't have said it better!

I love so many things that I might loose track!  Never fear!  Pinterest is here!

I learned about a man name John Newling and his Miracle Tree called the Moringa.

What exactly makes an otter so ridiculously cute?!  This one is dedicated to OtterPopLon:


I rocked out ALL week to GIRL TALK!  Pure GENIUS!  (I have no idea how this guy isn't getting in trouble but who cares because you can download his latest album for free on his website - works for me!)  Maybe best for people who like hip hoppy kinda stuff....but I say everyone should shake their booty while cleaning house...or working out...or going for a drive....or a time when shaking your booty isn't a good idea!

I love flowers - no, seriously.....I LOOOVEEE flowers!  Everywhere I looked this week I found flowers!  Mainland flowers (yes, Aunt Judy I'm still obsessed), Cornish Flowers, and Tulip Magnolias!


I also loved:

beer by the pool on my lunch-break...


the little white poodle being wheeled around by a cute old lady at the swap meet...


my toes on the pavement walking to the bus stop...


how helpful the 5640 line is on a 500mb chart (psych!)