M.L.I.S.W - Advanced Meteorology Style

This week is all about weather and weather routing.  Warm fronts, cold fronts, high pressure, low pressure - it's fun.  Here's the catch....my instructor (Mr. Weather - abbreviated Mr. Wx)  is super duper dry.  We crack jokes in class and they go right over his head!  Or, he'll say something we think is hilarious - when we crack up he'll stare at us with a totally perplexed look on his face.  While these moments aren't necessarily weird I felt they counted as My Life Is So Weird moments. *Please note:  there is a small amount of swearing* Episode 1

Mr. Wx:  There are many types of air mass classifications...Class, what does CP stand for?

Class:  Continental Polar

Mr. Wx:  How about MT?

Class:  Maritime Tropical

Mr. Wx:  How about in the Arctic? (Arctic would normally be just an A)

Classmate:  FC

Mr. Wx:  What's that?

Classmate:  Fucking Cold!

Mr. Wx:  OKAY.  Moving on...

(You guys - not even a crack of a smile!)

Episode 2

(We were discussing weather routing and diverting course for large weather systems and I just couldn't hold my tongue - surprise!  A classmate named Travis had just told the class that he is sailing on a cable ship that can't withstand anything greater than 6ft on the beam.)

Me:  Mr. Wx - can I be honest with you?  I have never sailed with a Captain who would divert for a developing gale.  Most commonly you would steam right through it - and if the shit hits the fan then you deal with it.

Mr. Wx:  But Megan, it all depends what kind of ship you're on!  Travis's ship is SENSITIVE!

(The class totally cracked up and he had NO clue why!  I should also say that the majority of us are tanker mates - we tend to think we are more rugged than most...)

Episode 3

(One of my classmates is slightly goofy - I'll call him Stover - for example he didn't complete his homework yesterday...after trying to create an answer when called on he finally shouts 'Okay fine!  I didn't do my homework!!!' Mr. Wx really didn't know how to handle this one!)

Mr. Wx:  Stover, why is that low pressure system moving to the NE?

Stover:  I don't know!  That was 8 questions ago!  Well....there was that blocking high.

Mr. Wx:  What blocking high?!  There is no blocking high!

(Everyone is chuckling...)

Stover:  Well....you got that thing there....

Mr. Wx:  Do you mean the meridional flow pattern?


(The class was laughing really, really hard - Mr. Wx was still trying to point out the meridional flow...)