Maine 2012 :: EARTHQUAKE!


Have you guys seen the news?  We had a Quake!

Around 7 pm the House Ladies and I are sitting around in the living room watching T.V. when all of a sudden there is a large (and kinda loud) rumbling.  We all look at eachother and I say, 'EARTHQUAKE!'.

The other ladies go, 'Water main blowout?!'.  The Homeowner says, 'check the basement for water!'.  Meanwhile, the rumbling carries on.  It finally slows to a stop and we can hear tons of commotion on the street.

Every single neighbor is on their front porch squawking about 'checking for water' and wondering 'if a water main blew'.

I'm like, 'EARTHQUAKE!!!!'

I guess it was a little hard to believe that we had such a good rumbler in Portland, Maine of all places!!!!

You can take the girl out of Hilo, but......