Man Overboard!



Step One:



Throw a cardboard box over the side. Can you see it floating away? Think about it.....a box is MUCH bigger than a persons head.


Step Two:



As soon as you spot the individual hit the water you would put the rudder hard over - in the direction the person fell (if they go over the port side you go hard to port). This ensures that the prop kicks away from them.  Getting hit by the prop = Game over.

Step Three:



At this stage the ships crew would be preparing the man overboard boat for launching. The vessel would begin slowing down and would be steering for the individual in the water. Since we were only maneuvering I was taking photos of our wake.....since it was stunning.


Step Four:



The final step is recovery. This is tricky. The vessel should be stopped however; it may be difificult to maintain your position without speed. In this case we used our bow thruster to aid us. I was pretty proud of how close we got to the box! Way to go shipmates!


*In an attempt at full disclosure.  This is a round turn.  It is one of many different methods of man overboard recovery.  I would only use this method if I SAW the person fall in the water.  It is designed for immediate recovery.  If you hadn't seen the individual fall over and were hoping to retrieve someone who may have fallen over hours before the best method would be a williamson turn.


Also, I see that some of the spacing is weird in this post....I tried to fix it and just got too frustrated....I hate to say it but, I have WAY too many other things to worry about!  Sorry Nautie Friends!