Merrie Monarch (part I)

Okay, we're going to do this in stages.  This past weekend was Merrie Monarch.  This is a VERY big deal in Hilo, HI.  I took over 700 photos this weekend!!!  So, I'm going to post photos in sections....because it is taking me forever to weed through them!  My Mother has been requesting photos of the Pa'u Riders.  I'll have to write a long diligent e-mail about the significance of the Merrie Monarch festivities.  For now (because I've spent hours going through photos) you're getting the short version.  There is an annual hula competition.....we love it.  We also love the craft fairs, yummy food booths and parade.  We really love the parade....because that's where you get to see the Pa'u Riders.  The Pa'u Riders ride in groups representing each island.  They decorate their horses (and their princesses) with the flowers that belong to each island.  They are majestic and full of Aloha.  I love looking at the lei's and head pieces worn by rider and horse alike.  It's truly beautiful.  (I told you that it was the short version...)